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A leading racecar and composite parts manufacturer in Britain

Explore DJ Engineering

We are dedicated to making your racing and manufacturing dreams a reality.

About Us

DJ is a leading racecar constructor in British motorsport, offering the DJ Racecars ‘Firehawk’ and ‘Firestorm’ single seaters that have record holding pedigree in the MSUK British Sprint and MSUK British Hillclimb Championships.

We are an engineering business that specialise in designing and constructing unique racing cars using both electric and ICE propulsion , we have a very engineering led composites facility and manufacture parts for several industry sectors.

Our full in-house capabilities for design, development and manufacture means we are able to cater to any bespoke precision engineering requirements for the motorsport industry, from full vehicle design to racecar repair, preparation and support.

Our Projects

We successfully completed numerous bespoke projects starting from manufacturing simple-shaped parts to producing ultra-lightweight Hill climb cars, production of contest-winning carbon airfoils and high performance bicycle equipment.

Elite-Level Bicycle Component Production




High-quality products are essential to our success. We strive to deliver them.


 Precision is what joins us with machines. Dedication is what makes our company great.


To keep growing, we have to innovate at every level, from our products to our processes.


 To be exceptional at what we do is not enough. We have to ensure it comes from the heart.

We are waiting to solve your engineering problem

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