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DJ Firestorm

The Firestorm has gone through several iterations of the past being powered by Cosworth KF V6s and XD V8s. The latest version incorporates an extremely lightweight carbon chassis with new sleek sidepods, an ultra-stiff full-length diffuser and a drive-by-wire converted 2.65L Cosworth XD V8 producing in excess of 600BHP. It is designed and manufactured in house using the latest CAD/CAM packages.

The Firestorm is currently being campaigned by Alex Summers who is currently leading the 2022 British Hillclimb Championship. We continue to develop the car to make it ever more competitive.

DJ Firehawk

The Firehawk is our motorcycle engine powered car. It is now in its third and lightest generation with a T45 steel tube engine frame and a carbon chassis. We have produced these cars with a normally aspirated  Suzuki GSXR1000 through to a Supercharged Hayabusa engine producing over 400BHP at the wheels using methanol.

Dallara F3 V8 Hillclimb conversion

We were approached by a customer to fit our already tried and tested Firestorm engine (Cosworth XD) and rear suspension package to a Dallara F305. This package included custom engine mounts, a new engine cover and a new high downforce rear floor. New front wishbones were designed and manufactured to narrow the track and increase the maximum steering angle to cope with the tight and twisty hills of the British Hillclimb Championship.

The chassis has passed the relevant crash tests to compete in FIA organised events (e.g. European Hillclimb Championship)

Gould GR55 Engine Conversion

Following the Dallara project, an owner of a Gould GR55B opted to swap their Cosworth HB engine out for a DJ developed Cosworth XD. The powertrain conversion was designed and manufactured to fit around the existing chassis and rear end, introducing a new fuel and oil system, wiring loom and a modified transmission.  

IMechE Autonomous Vehicle

DJ were asked by the IMechE to design and build the mechanical chassis for a 4WD electric autonomous vehicle. All electrical motors, controllers and PCs were free issued and had to be reverse engineered. Once this was done a chassis was designed that incorporated all of the electrical components with a DJ designed and made drivetrain and suspension system. The bodywork was made from prepreg carbon fibre.

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