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Composite Projects

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Racing Bicycle Components

We were approached by a company, who provide high end components to the professional bike racing industry to take a concept design for a handlebar extension and make it production friendly. After a few variants the extensions were put into production and have won Gold at the last Olympics. We are now working on a carbon pedal crank concept which will be released soon.

Wiring Rear Junction Box

Junction boxes for splitting the main loom into individual sensor inputs were manufactured using aluminium moulds for use on our vehicles. This has proven to be a effective solution for the tidy and organised wiring looms installed to our racecars. 

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Racecar Projects

Cosworth XD Engine Development

We use ex Indy Car Cosworth XD engines for our own racing car chassis converted to be normally aspirated with our own design air box and upper fuel rail system , these are high speed V8 engines that can run in excess of 14000rpm with a standard capacity of 2.65 litres. They are a very effective engine producing over 600 BHP , due to there high RPM they are an ideal engine to replace historic F1 engines where parts are no longer available or they are to valuable to use. 

Alternatively they are an ideal engine for Pikes Peak if used in a twin turbo charged specification. The capacity can be increased to 3.2 litres if required. 

Electric Pikes Peak Vehicle

We were approached by a company to design a very high power 4WD electric Pikes Peak car, this was done in collaboration with Martin Ogilvie of PCD (Prototype Car Designs).

The design was fully finished and production ready but unfortunately no build funding was made available.

PCD Brakes

We developed a ultra-stiff lightweight caliper and disk solution which are a direct replacement for Brembo/AP F3 setups. They were designed in collaboration with Martin Ogilvie of PCD (Prototype Car Designs). The deflection of the caliper is a fraction than that of the off the shelf solutions which greatly improves the pedal feel and performance. Further to this the calipers save a significant amount of weight saving. They can be configured with F3 disks or lightweight thin solid disks.

Machining Projects

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Gould GR55 parts

A number of machined components were required for our recent engine conversion on a Gould GR55. Components were designed in CAD and manufactured utilising our in-house CNC machining and turning facilities.

Plastic Cutlery Moulds 

We were asked to machine injection mould tools for the moulding of disposable cutlery. These are 10 impression aluminium prototype moulds before the customer places an order for full production steel tooling capable of moulding 50 parts a time. We have manufactured a total of 6 moulds for the 6 variants of cutlery they are offering.

Other Projects

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IMechE Autonomous vehicle

DJ were asked by the IMecto design and build the mechanical chassis for a 4WD electric autonomous vehicle. All electrical motors, controllers and PCs were free issued and had to be reverse engineered. Once this was done a chassis was designed that incorporated all of the electrical components with a DJ designed and made drivetrain and suspension system. The bodywork was made from prepreg carbon fibre.

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