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Composite Chassis Repair

We have made many structural repairs to LMP chassis and Historic F1 chassis, our autoclave is large enough to fit a closed roof LMP chassis inside it. The required moulds can be manufactured even if substantial sections are missing by utilising 3D scanning and CAD to generate the missing geometry.

Explore our most recent chassis repairs: 

Alfa Romeo 182 F1 Chassis

An Alfa Romeo chassis was brought to us with damage to the front suspension mount hard points within the chassis which required a structural repair whilst maintaining the period look. Whilst reverse engineering the chassis and suspension plates with our FARO arm it was determined to be non symmetrical, new suspension plates were machined to correct this. To repair the chassis new hard points were machined and bonded in with carbon patches cured over them. These were artificially aged to maintain the period look.


Oreca LMP2 Chassis

A customer brought in a chassis which had a poor repair to the front bulkhead area around the nosecone hardpoints. The FARO arm was used to reverse engineer the front bulkhead and surrounding areas and manufacture aluminium moulds to replicate all of the features.

A local company which inspects military & aerospace components was contacted to ultrasound and X-Ray the chassis to identify the location, size and shape of the hardpoints and pin point any damage invisible to the eye.

Once the defects beneath the carbon skins were identified the entire front bulkhead was removed and a new front bulkhead was manufactured using a matched weave and correct aluminium honeycomb. This resulted in a undetectable repair which was all achieved in a 2 week period.

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