DJ RacecarsDesigners and Constructors of light weight speed hillclimb and sprint cars - Manufacturers of high quality carbon fibe aerofoils for motorsport and track use.DJ Racecars - Tel: +44 1663 734518

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DJ Firestorm in action during 2010, driven by Wallace Menzies

DJ Firestorm in action during 2010, driven by Wallace Menzies

DJ Engineering Services Ltd — Manufacturer of DJ Racecars

DJ is a leading racecar constructor in British motorsport, offering the DJ Racecars ‘Firehawk’ and ‘Firestorm’ single seaters that have record holding pedigree in the MSA British Sprint and MSA British Hillclimb Championships.

The company, originally established in 1998 and since 2009 in it’s new venture as DJ Engineering Services Ltd, is also a leading name in the design and production of motorsport composite components, supplying a large range of competition use aerofoils, and custom aerodynamics solutions for all levels of motorsport, from sprint racing to Historic F1 and international level GT racing.

Our full in-house capabilities for design, development and manufacture means we are able to cater to any bespoke precision engineering requirements for the motorsport industry, from full vehicle design to racecar repair, preparation and support.

Thank you for taking your time to visit our website, should you have any questions then do contact us via the contact page.

Ascari KZ1R Team Preci-Spark in the British GT championship with a ‘203’ profile single element wing.

Dan Wasdahl’s front and rear ‘203’ wing assemblies during competition in the SCCA Solo 2 Nationals, USA, in 2010

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